Wordpress Plugin For The EU Cookie Law

Below an email I wrote to someone asking about the cookie law and whether there are any Wordpress Plugin to solve the issue.

Hi Alistair,

The cookie law is much more complicated than a simple plugin as there are many interpretations, and depending on where the site owner lives the law is slightly different.

I've had a quick look and there are a number of plugins, if the client is willing to go down the implied consent route (ICO says it's ok to do this, but it might still be breaking EU law) they can use this plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/cookie-law-info/

To be honest to implement the cookie law fully requires changes to, the server the website is hosted on, any analytics code (e.g. google analytics), any logs the server keeps (as although nick-named the cookie law actually refers to any tracking technology) and a warning on every page. I think one of the only website that has implemented it fully is http://www.kwik-fit.com/

I can discuss the subject further in the course if your client wants, however to be honest I'm not really an expert on the matter.

Hope that helps,