Adobe Air with Netbeans

I love Netbeans, it’s by far my favourite IDE for developing PHP applications. Recently, I’ve needed to create an Adobe Air application and from what I remember the best free IDE on windows for this was Aptana, which is ok however I found it a little slow (and I already know all the Netbeans shortcuts). So what I really wanted to do was developed Adobe Air with Netbeans, and you can…

The video below shows you step by step however it’s 5 minutes long and I can explain in 5 lines.

  • Download the Adobe Air SDK, unzip.
  • Open Netbenas, Create a new PHP Project
  • On the 3rd page of creating a new project (Run Configuration) choose Run As: Script (run in command line)
  • Then choose AdobeAIRSDK\bin\adle.exe as the PHP Interpreter
  • The final step which isn’t in the video, (after creating the index.html file and application.xml file) click the Run Project button and it will ask you for Run Configuration, makes sure you choose application.xml as the Index File NOT index.html.

Hopefully this will work for you as well!