Round the World Travel Plans

So I’m pretty much going to give up everything to go travelling around the world for 9 month. I’ve sold my car, taken a sabbatical from my company and told all freinds and family.

I consider this a huge step but one that had to be taken before I got tied
down as then I would never be able to go.

My plan is: UK–> flight –>China

China–> overland–> Vietnam

Vietnam–> overland –>Cambodia

Cambodia–> overland–>Thailand

Thailand–> overland–>Malaysia

Malaysia–> overland–>Singapore

Singapore–> flight–>Australia

Australia–> flight–>New Zealand

New Zealand–> flight–>Fiji

Fiji–> flight –>USA

USA–> flight–>Canada

Canada–> overland–>USA

USA–> flight –>UK

I’ve booked the tickets through STA Travel on a round the world 7 stop ticket and everyone thinks I’m mad, except the person i’m travelling with. To be completely honest though, I really don’t care, this has been a dream of my for pretty much 7 years and I can’t wait. The ticket cost around £1400 (incl. taxes) plus £100 for our working visa for Australia and £60 for China and Vietnam Visas; oh yeah also £350 for 10 months of insurance (hard core all sports included, can’t
wait for NZ).

Most of my friends think that 3 months to get from Beijing down to Singapore could never be done and not only will we have huge problems we’ll miss our flight, bollucks we’ll be fine.

So all I have to do now is work my arse off so my company’s finacially fine, my coleagues happy and I have no loose ends. No probs, 2nd Oct 2007 here I come.

Update… OK so pretty much no one is happy with me right now. My Business partner’s girlfriend and his mum both hate me and are slowly turning him against me. My girlfriend thinks that we aren’t spending enough time together. My Mum thinks that I should wait a few years and get everything settle and sorted before I go, and I’m not going to tell my Clients as I’m pretty sure they’ll shit a chicken.

I’ll tell you know 6 weeks is not enough time to get anyones life sorted for a 9 month break, I bloody knacked and now work harder than I’ve every worked in my life before (6:30am-1am everyday!!!). Anyway only 2 weeks to go and counting…