My Perfect Future

I’m currently reading 59 seconds by richard wiseman and the first task is to write about my perfect future as apparently this will help improve my happiness. Also I think it will be useful in the future to look back and see what my hopes and dreams were.

Written on the 13/10/2010 Starting with my business life as that seems to occupy most or my time at present. The agency will be running by itself with great staff, loads of big clients and bringing in plenty or money (not that, that will matter, as I will be rich from selling a large number of shares of the review business). The web app business will also be booming with over 1 million paid users between them, this was only possible due to the first web app being used as a template once it was built and stable with a decent and growing user base.

In the earlier years for the most part I can be found Travelling to new places, learning new skills, taking on adventures and/or exploring new business opportunities. Some of the work will involve charity, however not in the traditional sense, all charity work will be built around stastainability so that in the long run my ideas and work will continue even without me.

Later I will have two kids with a wonderful, caring wife both of which I will spoil and always have time for, no matter what I’m doing or where in the world I may be. More than likely we will live in a small town or village, with good links to a major city, we will have a large garden with a pond, sometimes ducks, a massive tree with a tree house, chickens and a pet dog and cat. We will attempt to grow fruit and veg and although they will be edible they will never be as good as the ones we normally buy from the local market.

In the garage I will keep my vintage AC Cobra, other sports cars (eg Porshe, Fararri, Veyron, Aston and 205 Gti etc) along with my day to day fuel cell car (built by the company of which I will own a decent share). I will also have a small work shop that will be full of parts from my Katrom 7 and Classic Ducati, it may also be used to help mend the broken fence or add a swing rope to the tree house.

After some time I will attempt to further my education of physics, possibly doing a PHD at the local university. I will be famous but only in the small village where everyone knows everyone and where the new years party is always held in the local pub, which brings together friends and family I never seem to see anymore.

Most importantly, it will be a happy life, not because of the achievements or money but because of the feeling of never wasting second of life and of the knowing that there are always family and friends that care.

I thinks that’s all I want.

PS. I will also have found a way to live youthfully longer, about 100 times longer.