MoneyDashboard Feedback

Below some feedback I recently sent to,  a alternative for the UK.

It would be good if:

  1. You could filter by custom date range for the tracking tab rather than just the pre-set months (also why call it tracking, doesn’t report make more sense?).
  2. You were able to filter by transaction type under transaction (rather than just sort).
  3. If the system remember the transaction type so that in future I dont have to re-set it.
  4. If you have full control over the tags (i.e. Income…)
  5. I am not sure I agree with the way the tracking (report) page or dashboard page works and the information it display. Maybe have a look at what info mint and/or lovemoney display and how it is displayed.

Finally, I am still not sure why you chose to build the app in silverlight; I have read the article “Why Silverlight” and although I understand and accept some of the points I still think it puts the app at a huge disadvantage to html. At least fix the following silverlight issues: I can’t scroll using my mouse, crt+a highlights everything, tab doesn’t highlight the new section, you can’t press back or refresh the browser page, can’t copy and paste, textbox doesn’t have scroll bar.. etc

Anyway good first attempt, I hope you choose to iterate quickly, try not to copy the way Microsoft desktop applications look, keep it fast, carefully think about UI and listen to feedback. Cheers, Leonard PS. you really need mouse scroll and copy and paste.