30 minutes until 30!

So 30 minutes until 30!

A list of things that I am appreciative of:

  • Surviving surgery, when the odds where against me
  • 11.21s for 100m
  • Seeing the sun never set in Iceland
  • My Friends
  • Buying and renovating a house
  • Winning a gold medal in an international Jiu-Jitsu competition
  • The Power House
  • My 1st class degree in physics
  • Setting up a business
  • Seeing and experiencing the awesome things in the world, for 10 months

A list of things that I haven’t done, yet:

  • Got my motorbike licence
  • Got my pilots licence
  • Learnt to play the piano
  • Make at least £1 million
  • A black belt in any martial art
  • Own an AC Cobra
  • Acted or directed in a film
  • Experienced fame
  • Seeing the remaining awesome things in the world
  • Changed to World

30 minutes well spent, Happy Birthday me!