I've Just Applied to Seedcamp

Seedcamp is basically the UK answer to Y Combinator or TechStars.

In a nutshell these programs can provide seed funding, monitoring and network events for tech startups, an awesome idea! I’ve known about Seedcamp for a while however never felt the need to apply as when setting up my last company Welford Media Ltd (2006 prior to Seedcamp) there was no need to go after funding, I bootstrapped the whole thing and it worked out ok.

This is different. Recensus is a web app that requires as much help as it can get, that includes mentoring from people who’ve done it before, very experienced developers who can build something scaleable and cutting edge, and as much press as possible. I’ve been following Seedcamp for a while and from what I’ve seen, out of any program in the UK, they will help us the most and give us the best chance of success.

Anyway, I’ve submitted my application (with 4 hours to spare) and can only cross my fingers and hope for the best. Last time I spoke to my key developer and soon to be co-founder was before Christmas so I emailed over the applications to him and this was his response “Looks good, I read it through and am excited about the product again! I want to build it now ;)”. Hopefully that’s what the judges at Seedcamp will think too.